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Offering the latest equine therapy technology and skilled professional care for your horse

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We are proud to also offer a full service Equine Rehabilitation Center and Spa. If you are trying to rehab a horse after an injury, or simply trying to keep your horse sound and mentally fresh, please feel free to contact us as we offer full equine rehabilitation and maintenance. You can reach us at 940.453.7543.

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Personalized Care

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Monitored, Safe Turnout

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P3 Peak Pulse Perform. Therapy

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Air Conditioned Stalls

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Ice Horse Cold Therapy

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Certified Equine Message Therapist

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Magna Wave

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Services Offered

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  • Aqua Tread: 
    $50.00 acclimation for first swim, one time fee.
    $25.00 per swim thereafter
  • Cold Water Spa:
    $40.00 per treatment
  • Thera-Plate:
    $20.00 per treatment
  • P3 Peak Pulse Performance: 
    $25.00 per treatment
  • Equissage:
    $25.00 per treatment
  • Ice Horse Ice Therapy:
    $20.00 per treatment
  • Package Deals:
    $45.00 Aqua Tread & P3
    $40.00 Aqua Tread & Ice Horse
    $40.00 Aqua Tread & Equissage
  • Board: 
    $600.00 monthly or $20.00 per day
  • Haul-In Rate: 
    $10 additional per treatment

Rates available for continued riding/exercise after completion of therapy.

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Contact us today to discuss your horse’s individual needs

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Please feel free to contact us to discuss your horse’s individual needs, whether it be for post surgery layup, injury recovery, or simple physical conditioning and maintenance. The TMRH professionals will work with you and your vet to design and implement a program specially tailored for the physical and behavioral needs of your horse.

Please call 940.381.0880 with any questions or to set up a program for your horse. Check us out on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TMRHRehabCenter/

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We’re proud of the success of these past equine patients!

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The Krymson Kruzer
2009 AQHA Superhorse
Shown by Vicki Holt
Owned by Gerri Pratt
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Fifth Avenue Shine
NCRHA Futurity Champion
Shown by Marco Riccotta
Owned by Lyle Lovett
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All In Wrangler 
NRHA LTE: $50,00+
Shown by Dell Hendricks
Owned by Glen Reed
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S&L Willie
Multiple Grand Prix Winner
Shown by Tracey Fenney
Owned by MTM Farms
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Whiz N Tag Chex
NRHA LTE: $129,000+
NRHA Miillion Dollar Sire
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West Coast Mizzen

2009 NRHA NP Champion
LTE: $48,000+
Shown by Mandy McCutcheon
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